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Cindy Chew

Director, Community Development

Cindy has a Bsc in Mathemathics & Economics from the London School of Economics. She spent seven years of her career in Bank Negara before embarking on a new chapter of her life and career, in the mental health and people development field.

She is a certified transformative coach and a keen mindfulness facilitator, having led and co-facilitated numerous workshops for youths and adults alike, in community and corporate settings.

Cindy spent many years of her life in the achievement mode, going for one goal after another without really experiencing life for what it is. Mindfulness practice played a pivotal role for her and the turning point in her life was when she felt like she could finally ‘feel’, she felt human, and a sense of warmth being a friend to herself. At that moment, she knew she wanted to be a friend to others, to care and hold space for others along their journey too.

She is passionate in creating a safe space for people across all walks of life to discover themselves and embrace their true potential.

As the Community Development Director at Thrive Well, Cindy is in charge of bringing mental health programmes to marginalised communities in an accessible way. She puts in great efforts to understand the needs of communities and various stakeholders and together with her team design and implement holistic programmes for families, youths and parents, emphasising on capacity building and strategic partnerships for a sustainable way forward.

Cindy loves meditating, walking in nature, and deep authentic conversations with people.

Cindy Chew
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