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Kindergarten Renovation Project

About 30 volunteers from Biji-biji Initiative and SOLS Health kicked off the kindergarten renovation project in conjunction with Values Day 2018, a community service program organized and funded by Clarins.

The project is co-organized by Sols Health and in collaboration with Biji Biji Initiatives. This is another initiative to contribute to the orang asli community in Gombak. The whole renovation includes interior, school gate, mural and perimeter wall painting.

Moreover, the playground including the swings were repaired and mini garden landscaping was carried out by planting new seeds and. One of the main highlights of the renovation was setting up a library corner for the children in the kindergarten.

Despite the hot weather, the volunteers worked hard to present a brand-new kindergarten, much to the delight of the teacher, Cikgu Lili. When the renovation was ongoing at the school, fun games and activities were also conducted for the children at the school, such as colouring and making origamis. Clarins also sponsored the children with new reading materials, stationaries, and schoolbags.

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