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Thrive Well's
Community Development Programs

Our community development programs were created based on the needs of the  beneficiaries, who are predominantly those in the lower socioeconomic group (B40). If there are specific groups of community you would like to support with the help of our programs, please contact us at

Keluarga Akrab Mencapai Impian (KAMI)

This programme involves participation of at least one parent and one youth aged 12-19, and aims to develop family functioning and resilience. Participants go through a series of 2-3 full day workshops or multiple half day workshops that builds their understanding of themselves and bridges communication and relationship among family members. The programme is split into separate parents and youth sessions as well as joint family sessions to practice the skills learnt.

KAMI Juara

This programme caters to young people aged 12 - 19. Participants go through a series of 12 workshops that focus on building self-efficacy and resilience over a span of 3 - 4 months. Out of those workshops, several sessions are dedicated to a community service project dependent on the interest and goals of the participants.

KAMI Sembang

This programme is a platform for parents to connect, share resources and ultimately form a support network. Sessions typically focus on themes around managing stress, communication and conflict resolution over a course of 4 - 5 sessions.


KAMI Booster

These sessions are typically run after the completion of a KAMI Juara and KAMI Sembang programme. KAMI Booster is a series of 2 - 3 workshops that requires participation from at least one youth and one parent from the same family. It focuses on applying the skills learned from previous KAMI sessions in terms of communication and managing conflict.


Projek Juara

This programme takes an introductory approach to the content typically provided in the KAMI Juara programme. Projek Juara includes 3 - 5 workshops over 2 - 3 months for youths aged 12 - 17. This programme focuses a lot more on building effective working relationships with participants and easing them into the material.

Building Champions Leadership Programme

This programme focuses on nurturing leadership skills in youths aged 13 - 17 over the course of 4 workshops. The content focuses on developing communication and decision making skills as well as setting SMART goals.


Community Mental Health Clinics

These clinics provide initial mental health consultations to the public and are typically run in PPR / B40 locations in conjunction with one of the KAMI programmes. Residents are invited to speak with our counsellors and psychologists individually where a brief assessment or referral will be done.



The Community team at Thrive Well runs stand-alone workshops of various lengths and in multiple languages (English, Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin) to address the relationships between mental health and the following:

- physical health

- living and work environments

- socio-economic backgrounds

- nutrition

- childhood experiences
- violence and poverty
- identity and perspectives


If any of the programmes above are of interest to you or your organisation, please reach out to the Community team for further information at


If there is an aspect of mental health that you are keen to explore but you do not see it mentioned above, please get in touch with our team for discussion.

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