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Dr. Haniff Abdullah

Psychiatrist, Ministry of Health

Dr. Haniff Abdullah

Dr Muhammad Haniff advocates for good mental health in every aspect and stage of life. He is currently a clinician in Psychiatry & Mental Health with the Ministry of Health, Malaysia. He has numerous experiences in the leadership sector dealing with multiple stakeholders, including government agencies, private sectors and non-governmental organizations in mental health and disaster preparedness.

He was awarded the prestigious Chevening Scholarship and completed his postgraduate studies in War & Psychiatry with the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neurosciences (IoPPN) London, United Kingdom. Currently, he holds a position as the President of the International Association for Disaster Mental Health (IDiMH) and Secretary-General of the National Disaster Management Association Malaysia (NADIM).

He is actively involved in action plans and ground humanitarian work with local and international communities in Asia and the middle east. Dr Haniff received various award, including The King’s Global Award & King’s Professional and Leadership Award by the King’s College London in 2018 and Mental Health Advocate Award International Table Top Exercise & Communication in Disaster Medicine (TOPCOM) in 2021. Recently, he has also been elected as Associate of King’s College London by the council in 2020.

He conducts training in teaching-learning aspects of his field of expertise, mainly on disaster mental health. Dr Haniff constantly scans and comes up with new ideas. He actively participates in innovation challenges and is passionate about technology usage. Dr Haniff and his team are currently developing a mental health app at the national level targeted at first responders. Dr Haniff loves travelling and believes it broadens one’s experience and is an excellent tool for self-reflection and serving the surrounding people holding closely to the principle that for us to grow is to give back.

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