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Clinical Coordinator



The Clinical Coordinator of Center Services will be responsible for managing and coordinating the clinical supervision process. Ensure effective communication and collaboration between supervisees and supervisors, scheduling supervision sessions and addressing any concerns that arise. Overseeing and performing administrative roles in ensuring that all clinical practices and service delivery adhere to center policies, maintaining confidentiality, ethical standards, and compliance with regulations.

They are also required to support the day-to-day operational matters. The task includes updating accounts, billing, income & expenses, updating monthly performance report, assisting clients from start-to-end, handling psychological tools for rent and any other operational matters. They are also responsible for facilitating client and therapist-related processes.


Required skills & experience

  • Minimum Masters Degree in Counseling / Clinical Psychology or equivalent.

  • Must be registered with either Lembaga Kaunseling Malaysia (LKM) for Counselors, or the Malaysia Allied Health Professions Council (MAHPC) / Malaysia Society of Clinical Psychology (MSCP) for Clinical Psychologists.

  • Working experience in event/project management is preferred

  • Stakeholding & facilitating experience is essential

  • Clinical practice competency in Malaysian context is essential

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