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Tracy Lim Saw Tuan

Senior Counsellor

Tracy started her career in counselling as a para-counselor for NGOS and worked with victims of domestic violence and various abusive cases while pursuing her study in Masters in Counseling. Since the completion of her studies in 2017, she has never stopped learning to equip herself with further knowledge and skills to help her clients.

Throughout the years of her practice, she had received extensive training from overseas in Emotionally Focused Therapy, Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy and Trauma Stress Studies. She worked with individual clients with depression, anxiety, anger, trauma, grief and loss to couples struggling in their relationship or marital issues.

Her interventions are experiential therapies that pay particular attention to the client's change process. Thus, processing emotional experience is the focus in every session whether it is individual therapy or couple therapy as everyone organizes their world and the relationship under the influence of our emotions.

Tracy Lim Saw Tuan
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