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BRAVE: A Trauma-Informed Care approach

BRAVE is a programme as part of our efforts to Build Resilience, Acceptance, Valiance and Empowerment in people who have experienced trauma, especially survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse.

This programme seeks to employ the Trauma-Informed Care (TIC) approach, which essentially means that the care provided is informed by a basic knowledge of how traumatic experiences and stress may impact the people we are serving.

BRAVE aims to raise awareness about trauma and its impact on human development in both clients and staff through the Trauma-informed care approach. Adopting this approach improves access to care and enhances treatment efficacy.

The trauma-informed approach consists of 4 core tenets:

1. Realise – have a basic realisation of how trauma can affect individuals, families, and communities.

2. Recognise – recognising the signs and symptoms of trauma.

3. Respond – responding by integrating knowledge about trauma into practice and policy.

4. Resist – proactively resisting re-traumatisation.

Its main objective is to build the capacity of care providers who work with the traumatised population and to provide wrap-around care, a concept in which a client is tucked in the middle and they are wrapped around a team. For example, a team consisting of social workers and clinical psychologists working together to care for a domestic violence survivor.

The implementation of this approach internationally have shown improvement in client outcomes, work climate, workplace satisfaction in staff and their well-being. Enhanced knowledge and understanding of trauma-informed care has also shown increased staff retention rate and trauma-informed skills in the long run.

The BRAVE programme provides services for both clients and staff. Services for clients include individual psychotherapy, family therapy, strengthening families program, parenting training, and support group for children and early adolescents. For staff, we provide trauma training, peer supervision, support, and case consultation.

The efficacy of this approach has shown promising results, and it has benefitted those who have worked with traumatised people. We hope to make an impact with trauma-informed care through BRAVE, so that these people will Build Resilience, Acceptance, Valiance and be Empowered.

We are running a fundraising campaign to help families recover from the adverse effect of domestic violence by providing psychological assessments, therapy and counselling. The funds collected from the campaign will be used to run the BRAVE (Building Resilience, Acceptance, Valiance and Empowerment) programme. Through BRAVE, we hope to create a safe environment for domestic violence survivors to develop the skills and knowledge, restore courage and rebuild parent-child familial relationship to move on from the adverse effects of traumatic experiences.

Join us to support women and children domestic violence survivors by providing mental health services to help them in rebuilding their lives!

You can support us in a number of ways!

1. Raise awareness: Share this post on your social media 2.Donate: Click on this link to donate to this cause 3. Become a fundraiser for our campaign: Drop us a message along with your name and email, and we will provide you with guidelines!

Together, we can make a difference!

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