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Into the Unknown

Venturing into the unknown can be quite daunting as everything seems so unfamiliar. Ever since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the “new norm” that has emerged is not something we are used to.

While some of us may feel happy, well rested or grateful, others may be grieving over the loss of a loved one, career, financial income, cancelled plans or the temporary loss of freedom and usual routines. Some of us may feel anxious due to the uncertainties ahead, not knowing what is going to happen next, what to expect or prepare for. Some of us may feel upset, stressed, unmotivated, angry, frustrated, discouraged, confused, lonely, isolated or even stuck. We may experience moments of fun, joy or laughter for a week and have some down moments the next week.

This note is for you, dear reader. No matter what you are feeling right now, it’s okay to feel that way and you are not the only one feeling these. Each of us has our own struggle and not everyone has the privilege to bloom, shine and be fabulous during this Movement Control Order period. There’s a lot that you’re going through and dealing with during this global health crisis, which is definitely not easy.

Remember that it’s okay and normal to feel different kinds of emotions during this challenging adjustment period, filled with uncertainties. If you’re not doing as well as you expected or being as productive as usual, that’s okay. Instead of constantly striving to be effective and efficient, why not try taking things one step at a time?

Here are some simple tips (ATTEST) on how to practice regulating difficult emotions:

  • Acknowledge your feelings

  • Take a deep breath

  • Take time out for self-care, be it stepping away from work for a break, spending time with your pet, or having some ice-cream for a treat

  • Express yourself through journaling, exercising, art (drawing, coloring, painting or even scribbling), dancing, singing, gardening, cooking, baking or any other creative ways that you could think of J Remember, it does not have to be perfect

  • Say a simple prayer

  • Talk to a trusted person

After all of this, if you still find that things are overwhelming, please do not hesitate to seek professional support. It’s alright to reach out because you matter and you don’t have to deal with this alone ❤️

Finally, whenever you find yourself doubting how far you can go and whether there would be an end to the current situation, just remember how far you’ve come. Be kind and gentle with yourself because you deserve it. And even if the day did not go as we would like it to be, at least we’ve tried- that in itself is enough. Getting through a day is an achievement itself.

This is a time to allow ourselves to just exist and be human. We can remind ourselves that this too shall pass and be hopeful for tomorrow.

P/s: It’s okay to not have an Instagrammable post 🙂

Written by,

Xin Qi

April 2020

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