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Stay-At-Home Revival Kit 1: Reach In

Self care:

  • Reinvent your look! Maybe there’s a hair style or color that you have always wanted to try, or perhaps you wanted to grow a beard…

  • Read a few Wikipedia articles every day to expand your knowledge.

  • Use this time for self-improvement. Reflect upon and identify some parts of yourself that you would like to change, set some achievable goals, and work towards them, little by little each day.

  • Remember that it’s okay and normal to experience bad days during this time. Be gentle with yourself if you find yourself feeling in a low state, and reach out to trusted friends for advice and support. Once you are ready, try doing an exercise to journal these feelings with a sense of curiosity. Think about what might be causing them, and what you could try doing to feel better. Write down these ideas, and determine to shine bright the next day. 


  • A good self exploration exercise is to ask people whom you trust to point out the things that they like most (and least!) about you. This way, you can see how others perceive you and evaluate if this aligns with how you view yourself.

  • Make a list of things you would like to achieve once the crisis dies down. For example, it could be an idea for a project you have been meaning to kickstart, start but have always been putting off. Write out a plan to achieve your goals, and list down tangible steps to move towards them. Be as specific as you can!

  • Use this time to review your financial situation and prepare for future circumstances following the Covid-19 crisis. Now more than ever, it is extremely important to have a financial contingency plan in place, to ensure you have sufficient resources to weather through the prolonged economic unpredictability that will likely ensue after the pandemic has died down.

  • Keep track of your daily experiences during the RMO period by journalling or maintaining a diary. Given how unusual these times are, there should be plenty of material to inspire your writing and fill those pages! This personal record would be a valuable keepsake - you might even find yourself having a light hearted laugh a couple of years down the line, as you look back on your thoughts and feelings.

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