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Stay-At-Home Revival Kit 3: Grow Beyond

During this period, many education companies and skilled individuals are openly sharing free resources and learning materials on the Internet. Seize this wonderful opportunity to pursue and deepen interests that you may not have had the time to develop before. Here are a few examples of skills that you could acquire during this quarantine period, with the help of online courses:

  1. Learn how to cook. Try looking up recipes for food that you have always wanted to make! There are countless Youtube channels and online recipes and e-books that you could refer to. You could either do this by yourself or with family as a form of quality bonding time.

  2. As human beings, all of us possess a natural creative element. Why not take this time to explore and create art? It could be in any form: writing, painting, playing a musical instrument… You can also improve your skills by following professional artists on their Youtube channels or social media accounts.

  3. Photography. If you love photos, and have always wanted to try your hand at professional photography, you can practice taking more photos at home, now that you have time on your hands and models (i.e. family members) to spare. Try taking shots of things or scenes you would not normally photograph, such as the scenery outside the window of your home, or inanimate objects. Read books, or follow tutorial videos that teach you how to improve your photography lighting and/or technique skills.  The more you practice, the better you will get. No matter how the results turn out, the effort you invest into improving will surely create a sense of pride and satisfaction. 

  4. Learn a new language. There are many free apps for mobile phones that you can download and use. Besides that, listening to music or shows in another language is another good and fun learning platform. 

  • Read and inspire yourself. Sit down and enjoy all those books that you have lying around but  haven’t yet managed to start reading. In case you have nothing to read, some authors (like Paulo Coelho) are sharing their work for free online, and many magazines and newspapers are doing so as well, so go ahead and download some quality reading material!

  • If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, and have always wanted to try entering the e-commerce space, why not invest this time in picking up skills on how to create and launch your own personal brand? Things like setting up your own video channels, courses, personal websites, etc. will certainly come in handy, when it comes to “branding” your business in the digital world. 

  • Live knowledge sharing. This is especially relevant if you are someone who loves connecting with people and possesses a certain skill or gift to share with the world. If you feel like you have something to share, you could set a certain time to broadcast yourself or make a post on your preferred social media channel.

  • Try a home workout. You can do so by downloading a fitness app or subscribing to a Youtube home-based fitness channel. Alternatively, some fitness/yoga instructors have also begun offering free classes for their online followers. There are tons of resources for various kinds of workout activities, the possibilities are endless depending on what you like or what you want to achieve.

  • If you are an avid traveller, use this time to organize your photos and videos of your previous trips. It is a good way to remember and cherish good experiences, and one day, these fond memories will be a precious keepsake, to hand down to future generations of family members. You can even come up with a video or travel photo book or diary! 

  • If you are a fan of art and culture, some  museums and art galleries around the world are offering online video tours so you can enjoy them from the comfort of your own sofa!

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