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Stay-At-Home Revival Kit 4: Home Care

House Cleaning & Refreshing

  • Help out your parents who have been doing the house chores and cleaning all day round. Sit down and plan out a household spring cleaning session with your family. With more family members around, there’s no better time to get everyone together and delegate the house chores, be it cleaning, decluttering, or even simple tidying up duties.  

  • Get creative by rearranging the furniture, and see how it changes the entire look and perspective of your abode! Start with one or two rooms first, and take it from there. 


  • Go through your closet and organize your clothes. You can donate or give away clothes that you no longer need or use anymore, once the quarantine period  is over. Once that’s done, you could do the same for your book collection. Use this time to filter out those books that you no longer wish to keep. You can either donate them or pass them to someone who would appreciate them. You’ll also be doing yourself a favour by clearing space on your shelf for new books!  

  • Notice the little nooks and crannies around your home (e.g. your study desk, kitchen cabinets) that may have been overlooked before. Is there something you can do now, to organize and put them in order? 

  • Being homebound need not mean stopping all interaction with nature. If you have a pet, take this time to bond with them and appreciate them for the companionship that they provide. Alternatively, if you are not an animal person, perhaps you could try getting some flower seeds and grow some potted plants around your home. Even if you don’t have green fingers, starting an indoor gardening project can be a fun and relaxing way to enjoy nature and its beauty, without having to go outdoors. 

Last but not least...

  • Remember to love yourself. Take care of yourself both mentally and physically, listen to your body and stay tuned to the signals that it gives you. Remember that, no matter what happens, this too shall pass. Don’t hesitate to seek help if you feel like you might need it.

  • Also, remember to rest. Though it is good to stay active and busy, it’s also good to give yourself some time to just be.

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