Our Rates.

Pricing varies depending on your individual needs. Complex or specialised needs requiring specialised therapists will cost more relative to less complex needs. 


Individual Therapy

Individual therapy aims to help an individual understand their feelings, address the underlying cause of their problems as well as how to overcome or cope with them. This can benefit anyone and everyone, from setting one’s own life goals or establishing healthy relationships, to providing relief from symptoms and restoring one’s own quality of life.

Standard Rate

RM200-350 per session

Couple/Family Therapy

Couple/Family therapy focuses on the relationship dynamic embedded within the couple/family. This can benefit those who need help in coping and navigating difficult circumstances (divorce, job loss, illness, death of a loved one), mediating conflicts in relationships and breaking dysfunctional cycles.

Standard Rate

RM300-450 per session

Learning and Behavioural Consultation

Learning and behavioural consultation is a type of individual therapy specifically targeted towards helping children and adolescents with behavioural difficulties and/or developmental disabilities. This can benefit individuals diagnosed with developmental disabilities (Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) and those experiencing general learning and behavioural problems at home or in school.

Standard Rate

RM200-350 per session

Career Assessment

*A full report will be provided and charged separately at request. 

Career assessment is the evaluation process of an individual’s personal attributes (skills and expertise), interest, motivations, values and personality traits to help identify a suitable career choice, by completing a series of tests and interviews. This is especially beneficial to anyone who is undecided or confused about their career choices (college and university students) and those who are looking to change their current line of work.

Standard Rate

RM150-250 per session

Financial Assistance - Jom Sembang

The Jom Sembang programme is a community initiative to provide financial assistance to the high-needs clients. The financial assistance is applicable via provision of subsidized rates. Approval is at the sole discretion of Thrive Well due to limited slots available.

Our Jom Sembang applications are temporarily unavailable.